Essay on The Social Aspects Of The Designer Babies

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All three of these situations are known as designing your baby, and yet this poses a lot of controversy for those with and without children. Overall, the social aspects of the designer babies are that it enforces social standards of beauty and what’s considered the ideal human. Take a look at China and India, for example, have had a catastrophic sex ratio imbalance since 2005 when it was considered most devastating. The MIT Press Journals concluded data from the continents to determine how unearthing the sex ratio imbalance really is; Asia has the greatest imbalance, as taken from 2001 data from the U.S Bureau of Census, International Database. It shows that there approximately 1.9 billion males to 1.8 billion females (104.2 ratio). Of course the ultimate goal is to have a perfect 100 percent ratio but that’s not always plausible by nature though the odds are inevitable; but when Asia has 4 percent more male, then there’s an issue. MIT Press Journals, the division to report on economics, humanities, and other publications from the University, reportedly saying, “Even accounting for underregistration and adoption of fe- males, the skewness of these sex ratios is very real and is worsening over time. Tradition can be a stubborn force, slow to die or change” (MIT Press Journals). Going into specific countries, China and India have the most imbalance. The report states that there are 653 million males to 612 females; in small cities this isn’t as large of an issue but as the…

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