The Smoke Free Affordable Housing Essay

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and company growth. One of Ms. News’s housing prerequisites is it has to be a smoke-free environment. Also, accessibility to fitness is a must. The author has easy access to physical conditioning; there is a bike trail right outside of her home. So accessibility is key to residents that may not have an option otherwise. Swan agrees he says, “residents do not have the capacity to move,” she said. “This is protecting our nation’s most vulnerable people” (qtd. in Mills). It never hurts for tenants to inform landlords it is their right to enforce a no smoking ban.
3. What is the impact of the policy on this institution?

The Smoke-free Affordable Housing trend toward not smoking in affordable housing is accelerating. In June of 2009, Housing and Urban Development (HUD) released a Healthy Homes Strategic Plan “to protect the health of children and other sensitive populations in low- income households” (public law center). As of now, many housing developments are required by law to disclose their smoking policy to tenants and buyers. Affordable housing envisions the added benefits of children and adults living smoke-free. A smoke-free multi- housing unit benefits the landlords and property owners, tenant, and community. The no smoking ban allows tenants, employees, and visitors nonhazardous clean air. Again, second-hand smoke easily seeps through cracks, crevices plumbing, and heating.
Housing units that smell of smoke are difficult to rent and sell adding cost and loss of…

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