Small Girl Lily Chapter Summary

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Chapter number 01: In 1964 the small girl lily who lives alone with her abusive father, Terrace ray and their black housekeeper and nanny, Rosaleen in sylvan, south carolina a town of peach stands and baptist churches. where the population of people is almost 3100. Lily became a very unattractive girl and none of the boys get attracted towards her, none of her girlfriends invites her to their place because of the kind of dresses she wear. Lily struggles to be like everyone else. But couldn’t. Lily has some of very horrific memories in her life which haunt her continously. Deborah, her mother, died on december 3, 1954, after having a heated argument with lilys abusive father. Lily was very small (4 years) when her mother died. Lily often …show more content…
In that moment of bravery and courage lily pretends that he didn’t scare at all. He tells lily that her mother didn’t care about her and she was leaving lily long before she died. Once he goes from there, lily starts to think about this new information and becomes sad half believing that he lied to her. Lily now wants to save her housekeeper so she takes the $38 she earned, a map, her clothes and her mothers ring. She leave a letter to her dad in which she writes that "people who tell lies like you should rot in hell". She decides to free rosaleen from the jail and move to Tillburon, South Carolina. From the way bother Gerald picks her up and she lies that shes taking all the things for rosaleen. Gerald explains that hes going to the jail to file charges against rosaleen. Lily lies again and says that rosaleen is deaf and she cant hear him say no about taking the paper fan. Brother gerald decides not to file the file charges against a deaf person.lily succeeds to take rosaleen out of town but she finds out from gaston that rosaleen is at the hospital but he warns lily not to go to the hospital, she diesnt listen to him and visits rosaleen. Lily cries when she sees her because there is a huge bandage on rosaleens head she find out that when she left the two policemen beat her until Gaston says "enough". Lily makes rosaleen assure that now these people will kill her and she has to escape. After getting dressed up rosaleen walks out as a visitor. Lily is so sure that her mother has been to tillbron because of the name on the piece of wood. A black man gives lily a ride to tillbron lily lies to this man saying rosaleen is a house keeper and she is going to visit her aunt. . its gets so dark until they reach they become very tired and stop for anight at a stream. Lily shares the story of her mum told by T.Ray that her mum only came back to leave lily again and looks at rosaleen . They both argue and that’s how they spend the

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