Comparison Of Two Heroes: Bruce Wayne Vs. Superman

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Not very often in history do two characters’ contrast, but match each other so well. Those characters are Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent, but we know them better as Batman and Superman. Both are fictional characters from DC comics, and are two of the world most renown heroes of all time. Even known they are both heroes, they have a gap of differences, but just that, make each of them their very own unique character.
First off let’s talk about the Man of Steel Aka Superman, or better yet Clark Kent. Superman comic start back in 1933, but first appear in June 1938, in Action Comics #1. Kal-El was born on the planet Krypton to the scientist Jor-El and Lara, two of the greatest minds in the universe had ever seen. Moments before the destructions of
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Unlike the Last Son of Krypton, Bruce was born on earth into a wealthy family and live a normal life. One day Bruce, witness his parents being killed at gunpoint in a back alley during a robbery this moment would shape the young Bruce Wayne life for ever. After losing his parent Bruce was raised by his loyal butler Alfred until the age of eighteen. Around that age Bruce decides to travel around the world to learn various martial arts and weapon training. This lasted for about six years until Bruce return home to Gotham city, to find that it had become corrupted beyond belief. Overrun with crime lords and crook government offices, this led Bruce to take matter into his own hands. Using a bat as an image to strike terror into the hearts of the villains Bruce would develop his persona as …show more content…
While Batman style is more of a wild western theme hunting down the cancer that is slowly eating away at the city. Batman is more of a proactive hero where superman is more of a reactive type of hero. Though their way of handling Justice is different, they both share the same goal of defeating evil to keep their city safe.
At last, both Batman and Superman have one major thing incoming that is their archrival that keep them on there toes. Superman can always be seen face off against one of the world smartest villain Lex Luther. Yet Batman main rival is a psycho know as the Joker who kill other just for the fun of it. While Superman use his super strength Batman relies on his gadget and his high intelligence to get by.
Finally, even know they both face many dangers their will always allow them to come out on top. Batman and Superman might have many different, but one thing we can all agree on is that they are both hero. They live different life, but something ended up guiding them down the same path that one major thing they have in

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