The Similarities And Differences Of Friendships Between Su-Jen And Charlotte

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For anybody, there is at least one person that they can identify with the most. While personalities can be vastly different from each other, one may look to up to a friend because of the way they express themselves, or because of their problem solving skills. The relationships between Rowdy and Arnold, and between Su-Jen and Charlotte both share the same level of closeness and contain individuals having friends with personalities vastly different from themselves, yet both relationships are very different in the way they interact. First of all, the relationships between Rowdy and Arnold and between Su-Jen and Charlotte both share the same level of closeness with each other. Firstly, it would be unwise to measure the magnitude of friendship between both of the relationships. For Su-Jen and Charlotte, Su-Jen in many case, would mention how much she would rather spend time with the Heighingtons instead of her parents. She would often also show contempt and sadness within the household, despite her parents sacrificing so much. Similarly, Arnold see’s Rowdy as a close “family member” or an “extra brother and son” (15). Additionally, Arnold at times, values his friendship with …show more content…
They both shared the most intimate relationships, while having both having friends with personalities nearly parallel to themselves but, the style in which the friends interacted with each other was a crucial difference in separating both of the relationships. Yes, parents sacrifice many things for their child which a friend could never give. But in friendships, people share many enjoyable and irreplaceable memories with a friend which a parent could also never replicate. Ultimately, a friend a could be more important than a parent in different

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