The Seven Years War In North America

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The Seven Years’ War in North America. The Seven Years War was known as the French and British War lasted from 1744 to 1763. It was fought between the American and English colonists in North America. It changes the relation between the British and Americans through political, economic, and ideological. Politically the colonies were not happy because they cannot expand west anymore. Economically, they were not happy with the British because they place all taxes on them and ideologically because of the governing without representation. It was the largest struggle in England and France to control land in North America. The Seven Years’ War was about to control to North America. The war was fought to control the power on Europe. In the book “The Seven Years’ War in North America” tells us about the war how it was begun in the Ohio country. The problem was that many Americans and British who like George Washington will have an important role in American Revolution. The problem rises during the American Independence during the Seven years was very …show more content…
In the conference, they discussed about how to join and fight with theirs common enemy French. After long time French signed the Treaty of Paris of 1763. The Treaty of Paris would force French to give all land. Indians also have to surrender all land. The Treaty of Paris of 1763 secured Britain’s position as the dominant world power. But France was beaten Up and embarrassed. The French and Indian war was the British policy of ousting the French. The last of the great struggle was for Canada. The Battle of Quebec by which Britain controlled over Canada. The Battle of Quebec was fought between the American Continental and the British defenders early in American Revolutionary war. The beginning of the war young George Washington gained experience that later helped him as a commander in chief of the Continental troops against Great Britain when he served as an

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