Serial Killers: A Necessary Evil

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Why is there evil in this world? Although you may have not directly thought about the wickedness of society, you react on it. You are precarious of caliginous streets when the only light in the sky is the moon, you stray from those who believe would cause you harm, and you sometimes lie about your age or address just to avoid injury. The reason you protect yourself from pain is because of people equivalent to H.H. Holmes and Jeffrey Dahmer. Serial killers are described as, “a person kills several victims of usually of a particular type, over a period of time with varying intervals in between, apparently without motive except for sexual or sadistic gratification (Dalal).” Serial killers may exist in different time periods or regions, and may …show more content…
After being ‘booted’ from the military, Dahmer moved to Ohio where his crime deviation began. Dahmer’s first kill was a hitchhiker by the name of Stephen Hicks; Dahmer hit Hicks with a dumbbell and then buried Hick’s body in the backyard. Dahmer states that he had no recollection of the crime. It would be approximately nine years until Dahmer struck again, but the next time even more ruthless than before (“Jeffrey Dahmer”). Dahmer was known for killing males, even choosing a selected few at gay bars. One of Dahmer’s first victims in his murder spree was Steven Tourmi, whom he found at a gay bar dubbed Club 219. After going back to the Ambassador Hotel, Dahmer states that he could not recall the previous night’s events but that Tourmi was dead with blood flowing from his mouth. Dahmer then performed necrophilia on the corpse after bringing it back to his house. After sexual intercourse with the carcass, he dismembered the remains and threw them away. After this horrid murder, he served eight years due to exploitation of a child and second-degree assault. While in prison, Dahmer admitted to hating black people; it later came to light that Dahmer killed Anthony Sears, a black twenty-four year old male. He then decapitated the remains and proceeded to have sexual intercourse with Sears body. In total, Jefferey Dahmer killed sixteen people all male and in the fourteen to thirty-one age range. Dahmer mutilated, ate, posed, and had sex with his victim’s dead bodies and was apprehended for his heinous crimes July 24, 1991

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