The Separation Of My Parents Changed My Life Essay

1065 Words Feb 29th, 2016 null Page
That moment when we sat around the table and spoke of what was going to happen, I looked around at my siblings and remember the tears running down their face. The separation of my parents changed my life completely, although I know it was for the best. Life, being turned upside down, not knowing what the future holds, describes my life perfectly. “Tough times never last, but tough people do”, stated by Robert H Schuller, an American Christian televangelist, pastor, motivational speaker, and author; I feel this quote explains the situation I am going through, because this is just a bump in the road and it will not last forever.
Mixed emotions running through my mind, that feeling of seriousness, and curiosity as everyone was gathered around the table, waiting for my parents to speak. We sat there patiently waiting, without a clue what was going to happen. My siblings repeating to me what is this about? Thinking to myself “I guess I could say I already knew this would happen and this is what it had to come to, but instead chose to ignore the signs”. Right when my mom said: she needed to leave my dad, because she was no longer happy; my younger siblings began to cry; I sat there speechless, not knowing what to say to ease the conversation. That night I realized I did not want my parents to leave each other, but I knew it all happened for a reason and it was for the better. I had to act as if it did not bother me, put on a strong face and help with my siblings. The first step…

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