Essay on The Separation Of A Mixture

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Title: Separations of a Mixture
- H¬2O, Copper Sulfate, Starch
- H2O (water)- liquid, solvent, boiling point: 100 C, freezing point: 0 C.
- Copper Sulfate- solid, soluble, forms an aqueous solution, is a salt.
- Starch- solid, macromolecule (long chain sugar), not very soluble in water at low temperatures.
- When H2O, Copper Sulfate, and starch are mixed together, it forms a heterogeneous mixture.
- Aqueous solution of copper sulfate with a suspension of starch.
Research Question: What effect does the use of the separation techniques of filtration for the separating of the starch and evaporation for separating the water, have on the mass of the remaining substance, copper sulfate?
Hypothesis: If a mixture of water, copper sulfate, and starch is separated using the separation techniques of filtration to remove the starch and the end of the separation will obtain evaporation of the water then the original state and mass of the copper sulfate.
Independent Variable: The techniques used to separate the mixture (filtration, solubility, vaporization point, and boiling point). These changes are going to be made because the separation of this specific mixture needs these separation techniques in order to have the separate substances.
Dependent Variable: The masses of the materials and the mixture. This is measured by using the balance this is the best way of weighing the mass because this is the easiest way to measure mass.
Controlled Variable: The original amounts of the…

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