The Self Management Of A Chronic Disease Essay

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The self-management of a chronic disease often involves changes in lifestyle habits and behaviours through personal application, as a way of efficaciously managing their illness. (Pearson 2010). People aspire to incorporate self-management within their lives in order to be more efficient or effectively relinquish bad habits or to assist in achieving new beneficial habits (Pearson 2010). In particular, the establishment of a self-management plan for type 2 diabetes can be considered an essential and advantageous way of managing this disease and as a way of improving its clinical effects upon patients. This is due to the fact that a number of the causes and main triggers of type 2 diabetes are directly related to an unhealthy lifestyle consisting of an unsatisfactory diet and the lack of exercise. Therefore many patients who suffer from type 2 diabetes are encouraged to persist in maintaining a optimal and healthy diet with sufficient amounts of exercise in order to manage the progressive nature of type 2 diabetes (Diabetes 2015b).
It is essential that sufferers of type 2 diabetes possess a set of guidelines and strategies that help facilitate and maintain their skills and knowledge in order to successfully manage their disease (Funnell, M et al. 2010). This involves incorporating goals, speaking about their needs and discussing their experiences with relevant healthcare professionals in order to effectively determine the appropriate evidence based standards that can be…

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