Essay on The Self Directed Learning ( Ssdl ) Model

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Somedays, it is hard to believe the youth is about to take over the world we have built. Many people see them as lazy and ill prepared to take on real responsibilities and make decisions based upon their consequences. I believe as an educator it is my job to change this trend. It is my job to make sure the youth is prepared for their future roles I society, understand the consequences associated with all their actions, and become independent thinkers. I was lucky enough to have parents that encouraged me to make tough decisions regarding my future including where I went to school, what I studied, and what programs I poured my time into. I know not every student in my classroom will have the same home situation, so I hope to encourage them in ways that my parents have, to better equip them as self-directed learners.

Shown above is a diagram called the staged self-directed learning (SSDL) model. This diagram explains the process behind getting students to become self-directed learners. It is a four-step system, each as important as the other. Stages cannot be skipped without overwhelming students, causing them to lose interest. The very first step, which happens on the very first day of school, states that students are still dependent on the teacher, and the teacher is known as the authority coach. In this stage, the teacher is the sole authority. The students are to stay quiet, and listen to the teacher lecture doing exactly as they say. Here, this is no independent…

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