The Seed Of A Seed Essay

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Introduction/Purpose There are many parts to a seed. First, there is the testa (seed coat). It is the outside layer protecting the inside of the seed. On the side of the seed, there is a tiny hole called the micropyle.
Water can be taken through the hole when it is ready to germinate. Inside the seed near the micropyle, there is a root called a radicle. When the seed begins to grow the radicle will come out the micropyle. The seed coat can protect the seed from many factors such as freezing temperatures, heat, radiation, or acidity. Each seed has to go through the process of seed germination before they become a plant.
With the right temperature and amount of water, the seed should start germinating within a couple days. The oxygen and water helps to break down the sugars, proteins, and other nutrients in the seed to obtain energy so the seed can sprout. The water also plays a major part in helping the seed sprout. When the dry seeds take up the water the process is called imbibition. While this process is happening, the enzymes are being activated which hydrates the seed and helps the plant grow. Then seeds begin to expand and break out of the seed coat. It is important to know the process of germination before you can begin the experiment, because you need to know what factors can affect how the plant grows. The radish seeds germinate fast only in about three to five days which is why we are going to use it The purpose of our experiment is to see…

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