The Secrets Of Peak Performers Essay

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People who have learned to live the life they want and to do the work that fuels their passion. People who that tend to excel in their chosen fields. In Search of the Secrets of Peak Performers. (2005). T+D, 59(2), 78-80. In this article, a peak performer contains something that not everyone has or some kind of secret power. Which is called pillars in this an article number 1 through 7 in a specific order. Vision is numbered as one. Knowing where you want to go, and what you want to do. Then comes focus, directing more of you energy towards goals. Value coming in at number three. Personal value how your path is traveled, defined by what it is important to you as an individual. The passion which drives a peak performer. Immersed in all efforts and suffering. The fifth pillar is emotional intelligence, in most cases more critical than intelligence or IQ. Having self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and social skills. Balance is number six. Balance is necessary to refresh the mind and spirit and maintain a healthy perspective. Last but not least Resiliency is number seven. Resilient people those who are able to face difficult and dangerous opportunities. Recognizing the opportunity hidden within.

Personally, I believe that all these pillars that are needed to be a peak performer. Is not something some people have and some do not. I believe that all these things are required of you to be a peak performer. I also think that everyone has…

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