Personal Reflective Essay: Defining Myself

If I could describe myself in one word, I have to choose the word, “energetic”. Experiencing ADHD contributes greatly towards my liveliness and how I think. This year I have discovered to appriciate my ADHD because God gave it to me for a reason. Before I accepted it, I tried to suppress the eccentricities that came with my mental drive. This led to anxiety along with other issues such as not being able to make friends or do well in school. During what felt like the most agonizing parts of my life, I thankfully turned towards God. In this past year, I have become a member of the adult and youth choirs in my church, joined the Potter’s School, enjoy acting with a local theatre, and have made friends that walk in Christ with me. My ADHD seemed …show more content…
Letting go of all my anger and trading it for joy make me realize the power of God.
Having God in my life gives me such a joyful heart and my enthusiasm for life opens new doors for me. All of my hyperactivity means that I can go out into the world and demonstrate through my actions how Christ changed my life. God actively plays such a vital role in my life and I want that to shine through my personality most of all. I completely acknowledge that being a Christian made me the person I always wanted to become. God’s plans for me have shaped me all my life. I continue to believe His process of molding me will never stop. He gives me more than I deserve and shows me mercy. While I continue to have struggles, I know that I will always cling to Christ. Growing up with God teaches me lessons that contain the essence of my soul. I have learned to admire my energy, to not hide my creativity, and found happiness all because of God. It took me a while to completely grasp the concept that God loves me, because of the challenges I have faced. Though now I know, that what seemed like curses at the time, have become blessings that made me stronger and ultimately brought me closer to

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