The Secret Life Of The Brain Essay

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1. Connect the concepts presented in the video to course concepts.
After watching the video episode of The Secret Life of the Brain, the course concept that comes to mind are the Frontal lobe (Prefrontal cortex) of the brain and the amygdala. First, when watching the video episode, the episode discussed how the frontal lobe entitles how the brain helps humans to engage with each other and our environment. However, the frontal lobe becomes a contributing factor of how the psychological disorder of depression arises for patients such as, Lauren. For example, the diagnosis of individuals struggling with depression, the Prefrontal cortex quote on quote shuts down and become insufficient to how these individuals interact with others and their environments. Finally, when watching the story of how a stroke depleted the emotional state of Marvin, the episode highlights how a certain region of his brain stopped functioning. As a result, this certain region of Marvin’s brain that stopped functioning happens to be in the Frontal Lobe of his brain. After all, the Frontal Lobe displays how humans display their behavior and reasoning. Both Lauren’s and Marvin’s stories explains why the Frontal Lobe is an important topic of discussion on the emotional state of the human brain.
Another course concept that comes to mind is the set of neurons of the Amygdala. From the video episode, the episode examines that the Amygdala is highly responsive in the occurrence of fear. The Amygdala is one of…

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