The Second Amendment: The Case Of Gun Control

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Throughout the past there have been many incidents and situations that have occurred that have made people question whether the second amendment ( the right of US citizens to bear arms) is a beneficial law that ensures the safety of all citizens. All people have their opinions on the topic, some say that it should be illegal for a citizen to own a gun because of the dangerous outcomes that could come from it, and some say that all people should be allowed to own guns because they can use them for self defense.
Terrorism is an action that is used to conflict pain and suffering over other people all throughout the world, it has been an issue for many years. By making the current gun laws stricter and possibly making new ones we could possibly
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There is no reason that this had to happen. If the person responsible for the shootings was not allowed to own a gun maybe this shooting could have been avoided or stopped. This is only one of the many violent gun shootings that have occurred. One boy Amari Brown and his mother were both shot in the chest on July 14th over Memorial Day weekend. What started as a nice weekend being spent with family had a tragic end when Amari was pronounced dead. Gun control is the action of taking guns away from all citizens and making it illegal for them to own them. Only police and other government officials would be allowed to own guns and firearms. In 2013 Governor Andrew Cuomo urged and supported the law for gun control. Thousands of people that supported guns rights gathered in Albany to fight against the law and tell Cuomo how they felt, Some people shouted things such as “ Take the criminals guns away but leave me mine.’’ A lot of people are opposed to the bill but some are not to it fully they would just like to see some changes in …show more content…
Over 1,000 children and teens are injured every month due to gun violence, the most being caused by assault, while some are accidents. In 2010 alone 694 children died from gun violence alone. Gun violence fills America and is still the second biggest cause of death. The Children’s Defense Fund is an organization that is run all over the country. This organization that makes sure children are always a priority and that the safety of them is always ensured. There mission is to stand up for and provide a voice for all the children who may be suffering from conditions such as poverty, sickness, abuse, or gun violence. In March 2013 the Senate Committee passed one of four new gun control laws. The law strengthens the consequences of those who buy guns for those who are legally banned from buying them for themselves. This law was the first federal gun law to be brought to the Senate floor since the Newton Town Massacre. Por gun control advocates argue that if the right to purchase and own guns was outlawed the rate of death due to gun violence would be decreased

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