The Script For The Play Johann Facing Forward By Tlaloc Rivas

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The script for the play Johanna: Facing Forward by Tlaloc Rivas deeply moved me while I was reading it. I found the dialogue to be emotionally powerful and the stage directions intriguing. The script affected me so much that I was almost afraid to see it on the stage. Unfortunately, however, I was very underwhelmed by KU’s production of Johanna: Facing Forward. Many of the scenes that moved me in the script fell flat on the stage, due largely to the actors’ lack consistent connection to their character and lack of energy. I saw the production on Sunday, October 18th, 2015 during the afternoon matinee, which may account for some of the lack of energy that I saw on stage, but not for the actors’ inability to fully embody their characters. This in turn made it so that the actors couldn’t interact with each other naturally as their characters and this all negatively impacted the effectiveness of the play on the audience. The cast consisted of Abby Sharp as Rachel Dissell, Alejandra Villasante Ramos as Johanna Orozco, Becca L. Huerter as Juanita Orozco, Cassidy Ragland as Maritza Santiago and Hilda Hernandez, Diadra Smith as Pinkey Carr, Eric Shin as Dr. Tung Trang and Gus Chan, Ethan Malin as Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Michael Fritz, Mr. Duesing, and Judge Timothy J. McGinty. There was also Jacinta Duong as Cathy, Joaquin Dorado-Mariscal as Juan Ruiz, Samantha Foreman as Carmen Orozco and Cándida Ruiz, and Matthew Lares as Wosbély Orozco and Alberto Orozco.
The actors were not…

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