Mother F Ker With The Hat Analysis

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Many people go through emotional rollercoasters in their lives by people who are closest to them. Going through so many emotions can be exhausting, and in this play, it deals with a variety of emotions. The Mother F**ker with the Hat is a play that deals with both drama and comedy written by Stephen Adly Guirgis, which I attended in October 13, 2016 and held in the Obsidian Theater. This play involves a couple deals with addiction and infidelity, whereas they get help from the people closest to them. Some people can relate to the play because of the problems the characters face. The Mother F**ker with the Hat intentions were a success with the exceptional acting, lighting, scenery design, and costumes, in which it helps convey deception.
The acting of the play was a success because it helped emphasize on deception for the role
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Duran was also in character which helped kept the flow of the play, and had a New York accent, along with Luis Galindo’s character, which gave away the setting the play. Being from New York myself, it was easy to detect their accents and felt a bit in touch from home, giving me a bit of an emotional recall. Since Duran’s character caused Galindo’s character to go through an emotional rollercoaster, Duran showed a bit of guilt by her facial expression and body language. For example, she crossed her arms and walking in a fast pace after doing something bad, which went along with the scene. Lastly, Atseko Factor who played Ralph D., showed a goofy side, which brought comedy to the play, yet played a betrayer. Factor made the audience laugh frequently, but when it came to being serious, it was a bit dull. He didn’t expressed as much emotions from his face, but he did expressed a bit within his voice. The actors did meet the potential of deception within their character, yet threw in some funny puns that made the audience

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