The Scientist Thorne Is Someone Who Actually Uses Many Of The 6 Tenets

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Scientist Thorne is someone who actually uses many of the 6 tenets in order to conduct her study of children. In Thorne’s experiment she ventures into the lunchroom in order to gather information and observe the children. In her study she sees that the children separated themselves based off what type of lunch they were eating and who they sat next to. At the lunch table, labels did not matter, only what they brought ot the table, both literally and figuratively. This happens to be an example of the second tenet. This tenet explains that childhood cannot be separated by other variables. This means that situations are analyzed based on characteristics and the person rather than things such as age, gender, or race. Without adults around, the children make their own choices in who they want to talk to and begin a friendship with. This phenomenon also happens to be an example of the fourth tenet which states that, “children should be seen as active on construction and determination of their own social lives of those around them and societies in which they live” (James and Prout, 1998, #). New childhood studies can be understood only by observing children and how they interact with each other. What’s most important about this example is that without instruction, the child makes a decision theirself, that will influence their own life in the future. Pugh also puts himself in the lives of children when he uses ethnography, the art of interviewing and getting direct information…

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