Social Attitude Analysis

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When I was a younger girl, I always noticed the social attitude comparison between my friends and myself. My friends seemed to be talking about things that I did not know what were: as in; sex, drugs, and other things children my age should not have a clue about. I soon realized that there were many factors in such influenced such behavior; the structure needed for children, the building blocks needed to instruct structure, and the statistics that prove that structure is needed. The structure in children should be intuited from the beginning of their life. Every little moment in a child’s life affects their future and their own decisions. For example, in “Welding with Children” the grandfather’s daughters were strictly influenced by the way their father was towards them. He wasn’t a …show more content…
In 1960- 1996 children living with two married parents decreased from 85 percent to 68 percent. In 1960- 1966 children living with mother only went from 8 percent to 23 percent. In 1990- 2015 children living with father only fluctuated between 3 percent and 5 percent and was at 4 percent in 2015. The proportion has reminded steady at approximately 4 percent. In the short video “American Dropout” by Real Works we learn about five adults that dropped out when they were teenagers. Each person dropped out for different reasons rather it was drugs, violence, or the inability to learn, but what all they had in common was they all felt unappreciated, so they all dropped out. They all felt there was a better and different way they could learn, and the statistics show that reason itself made them believe dropping out was the best choice for each person to make. The statistics above state the difference between married, separated living with the mother, and separated living with the father with each statistic listed each one has decreased due to the increased structure in

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