The School Of Healthy School Nutrition Essay

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Healthy School Nutrition School nutrition has been a very important issue in the field of education to teachers and parents in particular, since the beginning of the nineteenth century. In the early eighteenth century, American schools would not all provide lunches to their students. I chose Nutrition because I believe it has in this time nutrition marked a huge impact . Urban schools sent children home for lunch and rural children would bring a home packed lunch. Children who traveled long distances to school would many times carry a lunch and were obliged to eat a cold lunch. A home brought lunches consisted of white bread and butter, sandwiches, pickles, mince or other rich pie, with a variety of cake and cookies, was scarcely better than none at all (Eaton, 1893). American school children were the focus of social scientists, nutrition experts, government researchers, welfare groups, parent/teacher organizations, and ladies ' charity leagues. Diet inadequacies were identified and addressed. Parents were informed about the connection between diet and academic achievement. Hot school lunches were sometimes organized and served by these groups. Late 19th century American cookbooks began offering suggestions for healthy home packed lunches ( Educators, parents and nutrition experts began to take interest on children nutrition arguing ways to improve children performance in school. I choose this time period It was not until…

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