Essay about The Scene Of William Shakespeare 's Play

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All the scenes in the play were short and barely any characters were called by name. They also did not go in order of the pamphlet that spells “Shakespeare.” Throughout my paper, I try to describe each scene to the best of my ability with the info of which play they are acting out or about just the scenes in general. The beginning of the play began with people cleaning up the stage with brooms. The three people were slouched over sweeping close together. This showed medium topography and close proximity. They would do this in one spot and quickly move like fire, to another and clean another spot. After the men finished cleaning for the first scene. Two groups of people came out singing. They were standing in a straight line and all within close proximity. Following this scene, it goes to really high topography and low topography in one scene. Two girls are standing on the table and one guy gets on the ground. After these first few short scenes, a girl comes out and explains things about Shakespeare. While she is doing so, the whole cast is low to high topography as they are standing, sitting, slouching, and on the ground. The first short play they act out is Anthony and Cleopatra. Cleopatra appears to be very grounded when talking, but is talking in a strong anger almost voice. Her movements are straight with her arms are straight out. She then goes into a low topography, getting on her knees at the end of her line. Shakespeare in Hollywood was the next short play the…

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