Essay about The San Diego Hope For Humanity

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The San Diego hope for humanity (SDHH) mission is to provide underprivileged children, youths, adults, homeless, runaway, and foster youths the support to San Diego County.
The San Diego hope for humanity was founded in August, 2004.
- 2004: Established case management, homeless feeding, supply services,
- 2005: Added after-special event program.
- 2007: Developed partnership with the other nonprofit organizations and establish community services program
- 2008: Created job training forum /post employment program for families transitioning off of public assistance. Created Building Blocks Mentoring. Established a grandparents/ kinship program, helping family members adapt to the needs of raising new children. - 2009: Successfully added more events, opportunities, resources, and established a venue to distributes materials like personal hygiene, clothing, food, haircut, massage, etc
The project will serve families who live in the county of San Diego and its territories around California. The program was founded to address a number of challenges in the target community:
• Focus area 1 – Underprivileged Support: The child abuse/neglect rate for the target area is 20% higher than the statewide average (San Diego Department of Human Services). Of those served by the San Diego County region last year, 95% had no household incomes. In addition, more than 80% of target area families are led by homeless (2000 U.S. Census).
• Focus area 2…

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