The Rush Of Getting Caught Essay

785 Words Oct 11th, 2014 4 Pages
The first month living in the apartment went by pretty well and over time I notice Elly wore less clothes as she began to get use to me being around. It got to the point where I challenged myself to check out Elly’s body without getting caught. The rush of getting caught is what eventually led to me discovering my kink for voyeurism. One night after Elly finished working out she said she was going to take a shower so she went into her room and closed the door. As I was going to my room down the dark hall I notice a glimps of light coming from Elly’s door frame. It turns out that her door frame was crooked, allowing any passerby who was walking into the hall to see inside her room through a small opening between her door and door frame. If she had her bedroom light on then you could see even better. I got a rush of adrenaline just thinking about me being a peeping tom and seeing what Elly does behind closed doors.

The next day Elly finished working out and went to take a shower. I casually got up after her and acted as if I need to get something from my room. When I came up to her closed door I saw she left the light on and I had yet to hear the shower turn on. I made sure nobody was going to come down the hall way and moved my head closer to the small opening of the door. My heart started racing in anticipation of possibly seeing Elly in her underwear or even better, fully nude. Then It happened, I heard a little cough come from inside Elly’s room and there she was,…

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