Essay about The Rural Health Clinic Services Act

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One organization that can be explored for the health care facility is The Rural Health Clinic Program. The Rural Health Clinic Services Act (PL 95-210) was passed in 1977. Congress had two main goals when this act was passed: “improve access to primary health care in rural, underserved communities; and promote a collaborative model of health care delivery using physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants” ( Later nurse midwives and services provided by psychologists were added to the primary care professionals. RHC states that small and rural communities have always struggled to attract and keep healthcare professionals, this could be due to the large amount of Medicaid and Medicare payments. The mission of the RHC has stayed consistent over the years and that is to improve the access of primary care to rural communities along with utilizing a team approach to healthcare. While this organization focuses on primary care, but not limited to, it may be a foundation or model to start a clinic in a small or rural communities like New Roads. The success of the plan can be adapted and applied to specialized care. There are over 3,000 RHC clinics that can be found throughout the United States and are Federally funded ( The system does not focus on the building or the location like other organizations or place restrictions on the type of building. It may be a permanent location, stand alone or mobile. In this case it would be a permanent location in a…

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