The Rule Of The Franciscan Order: Saint Francis Of Assisi

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The Rule of the Franciscan Order
Saint Francis of Assisi is an icon of poverty and reformation within the Catholic Church and among other religions of the world. His choice to live a life of poverty encouraged the Church and especially the hierarchy of his time to change almost entirely. He can be perceived as a prophet of his time who revolutionized with the drastic change he made to his life because with his life as an example, he went from words to actions. Francis was born into a wealthy family in Assisi. He had everything a boy of his time could ask for. As a young boy, Francis experienced solitude in a prison cell, it was after that time that he begins to feel dissatisfaction with the kind of life he was living and began to experience
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The Franciscan Order was distinguished by their simplicity and humility. Saint Francis figure is valued, even beyond beliefs, as one of the highest expressions of Christian spirituality. Therefore, Saint Francis became a role model for his brothers and for the Church. Saint Francis owed much of his unique position in its friendly and charming personality. In fact, he remained faithful to his “Lady Poverty” to the end of his life.
The Rule of the Franciscan Order from its beginnings sought to preserve the ideals of its founder, Saint Francis, ideals that still stand and are practiced by the Franciscan brothers today. The many works and missions carried out by the Franciscans throughout the world, witness the glorious fidelity to their charism of poverty and a testimony of
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Jesus was born poor and lived poor, He had no earthly riches. ‘Anything of our own’, refers to the idea that everything belongs to everyone. Accepting a life of chastity was another major sacrifice. The friars had to renounce to any worldly temptation and accept the Church as the only spouse. This was significant because he created an Order that was free and with no attachment to material things, instead everyone was to live only for

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