The Room Floor Essay

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There are many clues and questions left unanswered on this investigation. There were several newspapers on the living room floor that led to the master bedroom. A body found lying facedown on the bed maybe already dead and put on the bed to make it look like as if the person lying on the bed was sleeping. Could it have possibly been Phoenix Trenton or the other male living there? The photo collages, but most important the photo frame that said "Love Birds." Maybe the girlfriend was the one that murdered the male that was found, possibly her boyfriend. Or maybe the other male living in the home found out that the girl was cheating on him with his friend and he could have potentially set their home on fire. The bills left on the kitchen counter, the Verizon bill. The dog that detective believes was a pet within the residence. Did anybody take the dog before the fire? The vehicles that were not in the garage. The neighbor discovering his rear license plates were gone, that he reported on the evening of the incident. The license plates from the neighbor that he reported were missing before the incident had occurred. But besides all that I would focus on the frame that said, "Love Birds", the other male that was supposedly living in the home, and Phoenix Trenton

Although there was no female clothing found in the residence, there was a frame that said "Love Birds" with pictures missing. Maybe the female did not live in the home and just came to visit time-to-time. There is…

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