The Roman Republic : The Rise And Fall Of It Essay

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My viewpoint to the roman republic will consist of why the roman republic ended. I will start off by explaining the formation of the roman republic then talk about the rise and the fall of it. The roman republic lasted a long time in which it shows its strengths. A big reason why the roman republic lasted so long was because the success of the great leaders. Overall, the fall of the Roman Empire wasn’t caused by a single event.
Describing the foundation of the Roman Republic in my opinion was captivating. At the time period they were in, and how advanced they were was astonishing. The romans assembled a government in which we call the republic. The created documents known as the roman constitution, it shaped with the exception of woman, slaves, and immigrants to be known as citizens. The roman republic was for the league of states, or known as a central authority. The structure consisted of two magistrates who served as the executive branch, as well civil and military authority. The magistrates led the armies, served as judges, and religious duties. The third piece to their system was the senate. The roman senate contained about 300 citizens. This system in which the romans used is still common in today’s society. What I found very interesting was the fact the American constitution has many ideas derived from the Roman Republic.
There was many reasons why the Roman Republic ended and a main reason is because, I think it was outdated. The republic rose in small city states…

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