Essay about The Roman Empire And Its Decline

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The Roman Empire started to disintegrate in the West and Christianity did not help with its decline. The Emperor Constantine founded the Greek city of Byzantium and renamed it Constantinople, in which he considered Christianity to help strengthen the system but in return it did not. Then the Roman Empire had two capitals Rome and Constantinople, which were administered into two halves. As time went on the center of gravity moved eastward and with the experimentation of caviling the West was left forgotten about. For centuries, the Roman Empire secluded themselves from the diverse groups that they called barbarians (Celts, Germans, Persians, and Arabs) because they did not speak Greek or Latin (so they drew a line between them and the barbarians). The Roman Empire still did not have control over them through centuries the barbarians still managed to filter into the system and settle down with families eventually getting recruited into the Roman armies and reaching high positions. Meanwhile in the West, Roman cities fell apart taxes were high, the governments became paralyzed, and there were new emperors all the time. Eventually the West and the barbarian’s world made less and less difference. As centuries went on the Roman Empire had lots of invasions, including the Huns invasion in 450 and the Arabs invading which eventually dismantled the Roman Empire and Greco-Roman or Mediterranean world had finally broke apart (Palmer, Colton, & Kramer 2014). Thus dividing the land into…

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