The Revengeful Plots Of Hera In Ancient Greece

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Hera is known for her many revengeful plots against Zeus’s many girlfriends. In the past, Hera is involved in the Trojan War, she sought to bring down the city of Troy because Prince Paris chose Aphrodite over her. A temple and many statues are dedicated to Hera for her importance in her cult following. Hera is the Greek goddess of childbirth, marriage and women. She is married to Zeus and has three kids: Ares, Hephaestus and Eileithyia. Her family includes her siblings Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Demeter and Hestia and, her parents, Cronus and Rhea. Though Hera is the goddess of marriage, Zeus had many other girlfriends including Leto, Io and Semele. She sought revenge on them by going after their their families Hera is the 3rd child of Cronus …show more content…
Many families prayed to Hera for her protection of their children and family. People would also look to Hera for a good, long and happy marriage. Before she married Zeus, Hera was still known as the queen of the gods. As the queen of the gods her job is to rule over Mount Olympus.
Hera’s Roman equivalent is Juno. Both are recognized as the goddess of childbirth, marriage and women, they are also married to their sibling who is the god of all gods. Though Hera spends most of her time cursing Zeus’s girlfriends, Juno is portrayed as a kind and graceful mother of Rome. Another difference between Hera and Juno is that Juno is also the goddess of the moon, she is worshiped as the giver of light, while Hera is not associated with the moon at all. In the end, Hera is known for her anger and vengeance towards Zeus’s girlfriends, while Juno is known for her more protective and calm
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These offerings indicated that Hera is the mighty protectress. The cult of Hera was started when the daughter of Eurystheus fled from Argos to Samos. As a punishment for fleeing, pirates were sent to carry the wooden Samian cult image away. The ship was not able to set sail and the pirates had to escape, the Samians found this image outside their temple they thought it had escaped, with this presumption they bounded it with branches from the Lygos tree. This is how Tonaia, the festival of Hera, was created. In the main ceremony of Tonaia, the image is dragged out of the temple onto the seashore, where a great show is of the people searching for the image and purifying it.
Hera has a very important role in the Trojan War. Eris, the goddess of discord, presented a golden apple at a banquet. It decided which goddess- Hera, Aphrodite, or Athena- was the fairest. The prince of Troy, Paris, was chosen to decide who was the fairest. Each of the goddesses promised him different things, Hera promised him power, Aphrodite promised him the most beautiful woman in the world, and Athena promised him wisdom. With these options, Paris chose Aphrodite, she gave him Helen of Sparta. To make Paris pay for his decision, Hera does everything in her power to destroy Troy in the

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