The Role of Capitalists DBQ Essay

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Stark 1
Jeremy Stark
Mr. Mangan
AP US History
8 December 2014
The Role of Capitalists
More often than not, America’ s antebellum capitalists were accused of being the

robber barons
” of industrial America. The common conception is that these men took advantage of a naïve and growing economy to reap its benefits without giving anything in return. While it was true that the majority of America was poor in comparison to the few elites, the philanthropists efforts and contributions to our country and its people through the use of their wealth to improve this nation can not be denied. They were able to created thousands of job opportunities and build industries that benefited the entire nation. If not for these men and their efforts, there
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The laboring classes did argue though that work conditions were horrible; they were unsanitary, overbearing, exhausting, and the list continues (doc. F and G). While this argument may be true, it can not be denied that that was somewhat of a necessary. For if more money had been spent on salaries and the

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