The Role Of Men And Women In The Hip Hop Industry

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In a study done of 95 hip hop/rap songs of 86 male artist, about 73% of the songs included sexual exploitation and disrespect towards women (Zicherman, 2013).
Men and women play a significant role in the production of lyricism and visual content in the vibrant and vocal music genre that is hip-hop. Due to this, sexuality plays a major part in creating the role of men and women within the hip hop industry. Sexuality has become a focal point for many male artist that use the image of women and their bodies, through lyricism and music videos. Men in the commercial hip hop industry have yet to stop this social issue, fame and wealth has been produced from the exploiting image of women throughout the years.
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The women that appear in the music video are in a strip club all wearing lingerie. The clothing is minimal, and obviously showcases what is important: the females bodies. The bodies of the women are used as eye candy, creating a sexual attraction for the men in the music video and those watching on YouTube. “Twerking” or hip thrusts by women throughout the music video is accompanied by 2chainz slapping their bottoms. These actions enlarge the idea that the appearance of women is crucial for men to enjoy their presence. Meanwhile, a similar theme is presented in 2pacs “I get around” (1993). The female bodies are the point of interest for males as several ladies preform hip thrusting sexual movements for the men. At several points in the music video, the men slap the bottoms of women that fortify the theme of a sexual interaction between males and …show more content…
The men play a large role in creating a hyper sexual normality of women in the hip hop industry. Both artists, 2pac and 2chainz, are great lyricist that individually posses attributes in which they have created their identity from. Yet, their lyrics and music videos are extremely offensive towards women, glorifying their bodies over in their media. The song that features 2pac “I get around” does hold a lighter melody along with music video as compared to “Mfn Right” by 2chainz. The location makes a slight difference in which 2pacs music video, located in a mansion and poolside, comes off as less sexually aggressive towards women as opposed to 2chainz which is located in a strip

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