The Role Of Licensed Practical Nurse Practice Essay

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The Role of the Licensed Practical Nurse
According to the Oklahoma Nursing Practice Act, “The practice of nursing” means the performance of services provided for purposes of nursing diagnosis and treatment of human responses to actual or potential health problems consistent with educational preparation. Knowledge and skill are the basis for assessment, analysis, planning, intervention, and evaluation used in the promotion and maintenance of health and nursing management of illness, injury, infirmity, restoration or optimal function, or death with dignity. Practice is based on understanding the human condition across the human lifespan and understanding the relationship of the individual within the environment. This practice includes execution of the medical regime including the administration of medications and treatments prescribed by any person authorized by state law to so prescribe” (“Oklahoma Nursing Practice Act,” 2016). Licensed practical nurses practice under the direction or supervision of a licensed physician, registered nurse, or dentist. Nursing practice is a directed scope that includes the following: assessing the health status of groups and individuals (not initial assessments), contributing to the plan of care by assisting with the development and modifications, delegating tasks that can safely be carried out by others, which will not conflict with the Oklahoma Nursing Practice Act, providing effective nursing care by doing so safely, assisting with…

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