Essay about The Role Of Government And Levels Of Governmental Corruption

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While we have weathered the recent tragedy with the in Bangladesh with only a minute amount of public relations backlash, it is imperative to the continued operation of this company, that we channel the information gleaned from this unfortunate incident into a solid strategy for future manufacturing. With this in mind, the structural issues with the building that resulted in its collapse are paramount, but there are some crucial factors that we must keep in mind during the assessment phase.
It is imperative that we pay particular attention to building codes and perform our inspections to make certain that the premises in which we choose to operate will not be a danger to workers or other structures and people. It would not be wise to leave this in the hands of local authorities as another disaster like this would be a public relations nightmare and could seriously affect our business.
Other key points to consider would be the stability of the government and levels of governmental corruption. It would be a travesty to move our company into a zone where laws change at the drop of a hat, or codes are unwritten and unknowable. We don’t want to engage in petty legal disputes and squabbles with authorities, as this will also negatively affect clothing production.
Profit margins are also a concern, and one of the biggest expenses our company faces is fulfilling payroll. Ideally, we would like to operate in an area where the cost of living is lower so that we can appropriately…

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