The Role Of Female Specific Factors On Mental Health Essay

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None of which has been successful, based on the demographic history of women in predominately African American communities and their unique experiences and considerable challenges in accessing mental health services. The scale of need combined with the absence of an accessible mental health care system means that co-operation with DC Department of Mental Health (DCDMH) and other community-based organizations are essential. The recent implementation of the Affordable Care Act has enabled medical professionals to complete a thorough two year assessment of the mental health needs of this demographic and this proposal is the result of that assessment.
Over the past two years, solid research findings have been presented highlighting the core relevance of female-specific factors in mental health. The evidence covers virtually all areas of interest ranging from biological and developmental factors, gender-specific differences on risk, protective and resilience factors, social stress, trauma and violence, the pathogenesis and natural course of specific mental disorders, as well as issues of identification, treatment and intervention, and public health. Women who live in the Southeast neighborhood of Congress Heights face serious challenges, including poverty, crime, unemployment, and low educational attainment. This neighborhood has one of the ten highest poverty rates in Washington, DC (Congress Heights Demographics).
An evaluation of this assessment revealed very clear mental…

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