The Rocket Model As A Tool For Developing High Performance Teams

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The Rocket Model
The textbook describes the Rocket Model as a tool for developing high performance teams.
1. Using your own words and examples from your personal experience, describe each element of the “rocket”.
Mission; to identify the mission of the business and to set clear goals that will guide the team members to accomplish the business’ goals.
Talent; to have the right number of people in a team with a variety of skills, working in the right position of what they do best.
Norms; the set of rules that will control the team in all aspects, to take a decision, to get work done, and to solve team conflict if necessary.
Buy In; to encourage and motivate team members to focus on tasks commitment and to engage them to mission and vision of the business.
Power; to have the power and the enough resources to be able to take the right decisions to accomplish the team goals.
Morale; the manner and proper skills that team members need to deal with conflict, to take valuable decisions, and better team performance.

2. What aspects of the model do you believe would be most useful? What aspects are you less confident about? Explain both.
I believe that all aspects of the Rocket Model are useful to build a successful team, a pleasant team environment, and to fulfill the goals. There is not one aspect that is not useful in the Rocket Model to create a successful team. But I do believe that the mission is the most important and useful to create a team because without the mission…

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