Essay on The Robbery Of The State Of Florida

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If this bank robbery were to take place in the State of Florida, the following is the path that would take the offender from arrest to the final hearing. This is if the bank was not part of the Federal Reserve. If the bank was part of the Federal Reserve, it becomes a federal criminal matter, not a state criminal matter.
After the offender is arrested, they will be booked, fingerprinted and sent to county jail facility (Functional Process Diagrams Overview and Criminal Case Management, 2002). After the offender has been booked into the jail facility, “sworn complaints charging the commission of a criminal offense” are filed with “the office of the clerk of the circuit court” a copy of all information pertaining to the arrest i.e booking information, crime that was committed and any evidence is sent to “the state attorney for further proceedings” (Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure, 2016).
The first appearance or bail hearing is the next step in a state criminal process to trial. According to the Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure from The Florida Bar, “within 24 hours of arrest,” the offender “either in person or by electronic audiovisual device” must be seen by “a judicial officer” (Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure, 2016). At this first appearance the offender, public defender or private attorney, “state attorney or an assistant state attorney” are all involved and present; the judge makes the offender aware of all the charges he or she is facing as well as their…

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