The Road Trip For Santa Barbara Essay example

1000 Words Mar 25th, 2016 null Page
Tracy and I set out on a road trip for Santa Barbara to do do a little site seeing and have some lunch. Having left late, we were met by huge crowds and no parking. Wanting to enjoy some time away from home, we decided to continue up the coast and go to Solvang. As we approached Solvang, we saw the sign for Sunstone Winery. Having seen pictures and hearing about their cave, it didn 't take much to convince us to stop and see what they had to offer. Driving up and walking through a vine covered archway, you are greeted by a French style Courtyards and a picnic ground where people are sitting around enjoying the outdoors with a glass of wine. To the right of the vine covered archway is a beautiful tasting room also reflecting the French motif. Across the courtyard are two large wooden doors on a stone masonry structure that is built into the side of the hill. This is the location of their barrel aging cave and is frequently used for special events by club members. Walking into the tasting room we were warmly greeted by the staff of Sunstone. As we approached the bar, Jonathan Flores introduced himself and asked if we would like taste their wines. Who could refuse. Sunstone has 2 different tasting flights for you to select. They have the "Classic List" and the "Reserve List" to sample their wines. Sunstone 's primary emphasis is on Rhone and Bordeaux with red varietals being their primary focus but they do have a very nice selection of white wines. Johnathan began…

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