The Road Of Success : Reading And Writing Essay

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The Road to Success Reading and writing are like the components of a workout; the more you practice, the better you’ll become. This comparison became my motto during a time I had to learn a new language. Although it wasn’t just any language like English or Spanish, this language involved codes, signs, abbreviations, and terms. I would have to learn this new language through the help of reading and writing in a mere three months. Having a hate-hate relationship with reading and writing made this task seem impossible for me to achieve. Little did I know with a little help from my teachers, support from my family, and determination towards myself, I was on my way to fluently speak and understand the medical dictionary. After three rigorous years of high school, the first day of senior year was finally upon me. However, my schedule wasn’t the typical walk in the park, in fact it wasn’t even at my own high school. This year I would be attending Grace Davis high school for my first two periods of class due to the ROP Medical Occupations course I signed up for. Ever since I was young, the medical field had been imprinted in my blood. Becoming a doctor was and still is my long-term career goal. Prior to entering the ROP Medical Occupations course, I had no knowledge of medical skills or terms. Needless to say, I had a lot of studying to do before I went out to my clinic site. Approaching the parking lot, I began to feel a tight knot in my stomach. The palms of…

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