The Road Not Taken By Robert Frost Essays

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Welcome, Middlesex County College Freshman of 2016-2017! Wait, is it actually possible that I made it to college? I thought to myself I wasn’t able to make it this far with the struggles I have dealt throughout my life, but the rollercoaster ride of a journey that I had taken, finally paid off. I’m so happy that I finally can say that I made it and never gave up. Many college students may have different paths of life on how they got this far and each of our journeys are original. There was a poem that I would always read to remind me that I am traveling on the right path. That poem would be, ‘The Road Not Taken written by Robert Frost’. This poem truly inspires me to continue on the path I am on throughout the years. Whenever I thought I should’ve been doing what other people were doing, I would look up this poem and remind myself that I am doing the right thing, by being original and not a copy, like other people on the planet. As my journey, it would start when I in Kindergartener not starting at college as a freshman.

As a Kindergartener I was shy and nervous, because it was the first time I spent time away from my mother. I don’t really remember much being a Kindergartener, because most of the time I was either waiting for snack/nap time or waiting for one of my siblings to come pick me up. Even though I remember that, my Kindergarten was the best, because she would always be so kind to me and if my siblings were late picking me up, she would let me play some games…

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