The Risks Of Using The Internet For Personal Information Essay

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In the world today, most everything is done online. It is how we communicate by social media and in the workplace and is no different for the medical field. There are many reasons the Internet is useful however, a vulnerable place for information to be stolen. The risks of using the Internet for personal information are high enough without compromising the integrity by sharing your username and password to the EMR.
What are the risks of sharing your user name and password to the EMR? What is the impact on clinical practice and patient? Give clinical examples. When sharing your username and password to a database such as the EMR, patient information and the clinical practice may be put in jeopardy. There are many risks to a situation such as this one. For example, the person who you gave your login information to can access and manipulate information with your name attached to the action. Once your name is attached to the actions, you are found accountable. This creates an added risk of losing your job, losing patient rapport, and most importantly, affecting patient outcome. Patient outcome may be impacted if information had been added or changed and medical decisions are made based off this information.
What do you see as an ethical dilemma? If a medical decision is made based on false information, the patient’s safety is greatly compromised. This raises an ethical dilemma regarding the student nurse’s concern for the patient’s well being. The student nurse, Jackie,…

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