The Rise Of The Roman Empire Essay

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If there was one man in the history of the Roman Empire who had the greatest effect on the Roman population, it was surely Gaius Julius Caesar. Caesar, in his brief period in charge of Rome, made great improvements to the city and the lives of its inhabitants. His changes brought benefits to all the classes of Rome, from the plebs to the Nobiles, as well as setting up the Roman Empire for many more prosperous years to come. He made changes to all aspects of Rome, from the political system to the debt system to the calendar, as well as many others, nearly all of which benefited the Roman people.
In his time as dictator Caesar had a positive impact on the lower, working class of Rome. He reduced unemployment, debt and promoted many plebs to higher classes, reducing the gap between classes. Coming out of the Civil War, Rome was faced with high levels of unemployment, and which Caesar solved by relocating unemployed citizens to overseas colonies which were in need of jobs and a larger population (Boatwright, 2004). As an incentive for this, those who stayed had their grain ration reduced by half. In addition to this, he filled empty seats in the Senate by promoting plebeians to patricians and other roles in the senate, effectively killing two birds with one stone. Furthermore, he solved the widespread debt crisis which had struck Rome after the Civil War (Suetonius, 42). After the war, lenders had demanded repayment of loans, and people were hoarding all their money, leading to…

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