Essay on The Rise Of Plastic Surgery

792 Words Dec 11th, 2015 4 Pages
In this era, it seems like all people do is care about looks, especially with the rise in popularity ofsocial media and posting something or tweeting something every living second. My generation has become self-centered, egotistical, stuck-up, and vain and it needs to stop. We have this set image in our mind that the media has embedded in our minds of how we should look. This image of big breasts, big lips, big butt, big everything is making us lose a sense of reality and not lovingourselves for who we are;, instead, we have to be this fake, plastic person who at the end of the day doesn’t even matter. Authors Stein, Steinmetz, and Borowiec hit the mark pointing putting the rise of plastic surgery, and what happened to cause this shift. How would you like the reader of your letter to respond? I agree with a lot of the points made in this article, one being that I this day currently women are always being bombarded by media, and seeing these beautiful celebrity figures, and wanting to look like them. For example, Kylie Jenner is the epitome for full lips, and now the new trend is full lips, and not only rich women get these procedures but now everyday women are starting procedures. Studies show in 2005 that more than two-thirds of plastic surgery patients made less than $60,000. Women are saving up their money and life savings to get these pointless surgeries.Instead of girls getting a new car for their 18theighteenthbirthday they are getting a new pair of boobs, and…

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