The Rise Of Islamic Religion Essay

1285 Words Mar 10th, 2015 6 Pages
In the last year, Islamic religion has been discussed among people, countries and media all over the world with much more intensity than ever before. There are many reasons why Islam became discussed on daily basis in western world, such as increasing number of Muslim immigrants in western European countries, or recent actions and terrorist attacks of radical group of Islamic State. Although immigrants were highly welcomed by governments of several western European countries in the past, nowadays, population`s opinion had significantly changed. For example, German people are now aware of the huge number of Muslim immigrants in their country, which may cause not only cultural problems, but economical issues as well. Majority of German population now see a threat in Islam for their culture. In Germany, there have been established movements organizing protests and other events in order to show government people`s dissatisfaction. Increasing number of Muslims in Germany is a threat for German culture; therefore, German government should change immigration legislature and enforce stricter immigration rules in order to sustain German the culture. The Muslim population in Germany accounts for about 5% of the whole 80-million population, which makes Germany the second largest Muslim country in Western Europe. These people have different origin and came during a different period of time. However, the biggest percentage of Muslims came to Germany from 1960s to 1970s. There was lack…

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