The Rise Of Islam After The Death Of Muhammad Essay

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The rise of Islamic civilization is largely connected to Prophet Muhammad who played a vital role in Islamic religion. Many authors have been obliged to write about historic civilization about Islamic religion. The basis of many writings is to trace the reasons as to why there was a sudden rise of Islam after the death of Prophet Muhammad. However, there has been a lot of debate especially in the media as to why the religion is highly associated with terror activities. In the contrary, Islam is a religion of peace and the name Islam is an adjective that means peace. The three references used in the paper shows that the authors had both political and ethical goals for writing their literary works. The other goals were the socio economic factors and religious factors that led to rapid rise of Islam after the death of Muhammad. The author’s goals have influenced their work especially on their findings and conclusions for the rise of Islam after the death of Prophet Muhammad.
Thesis Statement Even though Muhammad played a major role in establishing the Muslim foundation, it is evident that the Islam religion expanded rapidly after his death. The paper reviews some of the forces and reasons that led to the rapid rise in the Islamic religion after Muhammad’s death. The paper also seeks to find out if Prophet Muhammad had opposition characters that prevented the rise of Islam. The paper conducts literature review on three academic references. The first reference is…

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