Essay on The Rights Of Zoos And Aquariums

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It is often discussed about the care animals receive throughout the entire world. Especially the care of animals at zoos and aquariums. The biggest question is it ethical to allow thousands of animals to be trapped in facilities where they can no longer roam free as they could in the wild. Do the zoos really see it as bringing educational awareness to the public, or do they see it as a way to line their pockets with money? These questions alone can provide hundreds of answers, yet most who are against zoos do not look at the factual evidence of how they place a significant role in our world. Once upon a time zoos were based upon neglecting and barricading them in small cages, now days it has become less common to see.
Back in the eighth century zoos were more known as exotic collections that empires would collect as it showed wealth. They often gifted these animals to one another as good deeds. As time passed these animals were taken over by scientists who eventually created what has become zoos as everyone knows them today. In the past all animals were kept behind bars and chains to keep the population safe. Now scientists and engineers created moats and larger spaces so they now have the freedom to move about within their enclosures (Ester Suson). Centuries ago animals were treated poorly in zoos or by private owners, thankfully individuals have realized past mistakes and have since made drastic changes to improve the care and quality of life. There is still a lot of…

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