Essay on The Rights Of The Gay Rights Movement

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America’s goal of becoming a society that is a “city upon a hill” is often unachievable for some. The United States prides itself on its many freedoms and opportunities, but these freedoms are often not available for many people. One example of the struggle to attain certain civil liberties and rights can be seen in the gay rights movement. Over time, many people have spoken out against the unjust treatment of the LGBT community. They have been subject to a lot of discrimination and harassment and only in recent years has that begun to change. Recently, gay marriage has been legalized in the United States, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the fight is over. The gay rights movement has had several victories in the past, but the continuous discrimination shows that America still needs to improve on its equality before it can be considered a “city upon a hill.”
The gay rights movement has had a long history of struggles that got them to where they are today. In the past, people did not understand homosexuality, and so they didn’t think it was normal. As a result, “homosexuality, along with bisexuality, transvestism, and transgender sex changes, were considered signs of mental illness” (The Stonewall Riots). Since they were considered mentally unstable, they were subject to a lot of excessive medical treatment. People on the LGBT spectrum were forced into lobotomies and shock therapy in an effort to make them straight. In addition to harsh medical treatment, anti-sodomy laws…

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