Anti Gay Laws Essay

Anti-gay laws are a direct violation of not only one but many human rights. The main violation is that of freedom of expression and association . The Ugandan laws also violate the right to privacy and health care . Another right that is violated by anti-gay laws is the right to be free from discrimination and degrading treatment . This is a huge issue and needs more support. Many people do not realise that this issue is not so different from apartheid or the discrimination against the Tutsis in Rwanda . Something must be done to help gays regain their human rights.
Definition of human rights.
Human rights are something that every single person is born with. They protect you from being exploited and/or physically harmed. There are
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The only internal organisation for gay rights within Uganda is SMUG. The acronym stands for Sexual Minorities UGanda. SMUG is currently headed by Frank Mugisha and his deputy Pepe Julian Onziema. SMUG fights for the protection of the Ugandan LGBT community’s human rights. Amnesty international is another organisation fighting for gay rights in Uganda.
My plan on how to stop this violation.
More support is needed. Governments from overseas counties need to put pressure on countries with anti-gay laws to remove them. This should take the form of awareness campaigns and sanctions. The people of these countries’ must be taught that being gay does not mean that something is wrong with a person. The people of countries’ with anti-gay laws must learn to accept gays into their societies. Only with this two pronged attack on anti-gay laws will we truly be able to help gays regain their human rights.
In conclusion anti-gay laws around the world but especially in Uganda 2014 are a violation of gay peoples’ human rights. All people should be able to love whomever they wish and not be subject to discrimination. Therefore anti-gay laws are a violation of human rights and should be viewed as a crime against humanity. Because of this the whole world should push for gay rights around the globe and anti-gay laws should be fought against by all nations of the

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