The Rights Of Same Sex Marriage Essay

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Even though the child might prefer having a father and mother instead of two parents of the same sex, homosexuals should have the same rights as heterosexuals because children of homosexual fathers, as a rule, grow up to be heterosexual. What is benefited from disallowing homosexuals to marry and adopt children?
“Defenders of same-sex marriage want to legitimize the right to marry persons of the same sex. But since heterosexuals lack that right too, this cannot be the proper formulation of the right which they claim to be justified on grounds of equal rights. In the civil rights movement, black persons wanted rights which white persons already had and women wanted rights which men already had. So these groups could legitimately claim that they deserved these rights as a matter of equality. But since no one has the right to marry persons of the same sex, the... demand for the right to same-sex marriage is not analogous to the blacks’ demand for the right to study at the same schools as whites or a woman’s demand for the right to vote” (McDonough, Susan). It is correct that no one has the right to marry persons of the same sex, but women and man can marry one another without any discrimination to the color of their skin, or their historical background of their family, So why is it that when a man and man, or women and women wish to marry they don’t have the right to? Marriage should be an issue between partners; the government’s involvement should only be to make sure…

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