The Right Of Equal Education Essay

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The right to equal education is the right for all students to be able to attend any public school regardless of race, or ethnicity. Schools can not deny an individual for being a boy or a girl or any ethnicity. Back in the civil right era of our country black students could go to school but it had to be an all-black school. African American students could not attend the same school that the White students could attend. The white kids had all the good teachers and had better facility’s to learn in. Segregating school was not an easy task and definitely took many years.
Education is the foundation of equality and equality is what the equal rights movement is all about. The civil rights activist for education started with higher education and worked their way down from there. In Mclaurin v. Oklahoma State Regents and in Sweatt v. Painter were the first issues where schools kind of accepted these students but not in its entirety. In Mclauren v. Oklahoma the school accepted him to go to their school but separated him from the other students. In Sweatt v. Painter rather than admitting Heman Sweatt the school offered to make a separate program for African Americans. In both cases the students sued and the courts ruled that dividing students by race fell short of the legal standard of separate but equal.
The next big court case that happened for the civil right of education is the court case of Brown v. Board of Education. In Brown v. Board of Education there were actually five…

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